led colour efficiency

White vs blue

A blue LED will output more energy than a white one, in other words you save energy. This is one of the reasons why in some products like head lamps you can find white LED with a blue tint. At the same time, eye sight decreases in space lit up with blue light. I promise …

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I2C Arduino protocol
in Communication

I2C – Inter-Integrated Circuit

I2C is a simple communication for connecting different devices which can have a different power supply. It is based on a master-slave relationship. This means that the master or masters (e.g. Arduino) are giving tasks to slaves (other devices) and demanding reports from them. In contrast to I2C there is a popular CAN protocol where …

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PWM Arduino
in Input output

PWM โ€“ Pulse width modulation

This article is actually from and about a robot called small bit 🙂 PWM is widely used in electrotechnics for lights, chargers, motors, generating different signals, etc. which are all present in robots as well. In short, PWM is a way of expressing analog values in the digital world. Fundamentals You have probably wondered how, …

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arduino timers
in Timers


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diy pc case

DIY PC case

My mother is renovating her apartment and she had a wish to have a PC that would go nicely with her new furniture and would be quiet. When I was searching for some nice PC cases there were non that suited her taste, so I thought why not making one myself, after all I am …

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Magic lamp

Magic lamp

In this dark and cold winter day we all need a magic lamp. I will update this post when this little project will be finished. Subscribe to our mailing list if you would like to be notified 😉 I promise no spam. 😉

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